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Père Labat Rhum Blanc Agricole 59°

Père Labat Rhum Blanc Agricole 59°

Père Labat Rhum is named after Jean-Baptiste Labat, a Dominican friar who helped pioneer the development of Rum and also wrote the first written references to the drink. The distillery is located on the island of Marie-Galante, one of the islands of the department of Guadeloupe.
This white Rhum Agricole is very tasteful because the sugar cane stalks are cut by hand and brought fresh to the distillery. After pressing, they are fermented for up to 72 hours and the Rhum is distilled to a maximum alcohol percentage of 70%. This low percentage ensures that more flavor is preserved. The Rhum is diluted to 59° with fresh spring water. This gives the taste an extra boost.

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