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Plantation Haiti 2010 Single Cask

Plantation Haiti 2010 Single Cask

Sourced from the Jeanty Distillery in Haiti, this unique Rum is distilled from sugar cane juice and carefully matured for 5 years in Bourbon barrels in a tropical environment, followed by a further 8 years in Ferrand barrels. This rum's impressive characteristics include 730 g/hL AA of volatiles and 255 g/hL AA of esters, which together create exceptional aromatic complexity. With an alcohol content of 40.1% Vol. this creation offers a soft and subtle tasting experience.

Nose: Intense and funky on lime peel and lemongrass, evolving on cane juice, yellow kiwi and soursop with caramelly, roasted and spicy notes.

Taste: Quite dry, salty and fresh with spicy lime, with notes of green tea, banana, tonka bean, almond, pepper and caramel.

Finish: Long with green notes, apricot, licorice, cocoa, lime, cloves and salt.

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    French style

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