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Diplomático Distillery Collection N°2

Diplomático Distillery Collection N°2

With this Distillery Collection, Diplomático draws attention to their unique stills used for the blends of their well-known varieties. Each version puts one of these stills in the spotlight.

No. 2 is Barbet still Rum. The still was brought to the Diplomático distillery in 1959. Barbet stills were invented by the French Emilio Barbet and are a type of continuous still with two columns. These are mainly in use in France. After distillation, this Rum is matured in American and French oak that has previously been used for the maturation of Bourbon and Whiskey. The combination of light and heavy toast gives it a nice complexity.

Nose: Tropical fruit aromas and burnt oak.

Taste: Dry, wood and citrus.

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