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HenTho Small Batch Spiced Rum

HenTho Small Batch Spiced Rum

HenTho Spiced Rum is a blend of Jamaican Rum and Rum Agricole from Guadeloupe and Martinique to which Bourbon Vanilla, roasted coconut (organic), raw cacao nibs (organic), Jamaican pepper, raisins, fresh orange slices and a little condensed sugar cane juice (organic) are added. After maceration, the rum is brought to 40% strength and bottled. This rum is unfiltered and therefore has residu at the bottom.

The nose is characterized by Jamaican Rum in combination with citrus and a slightly sweet touch. In the mouth, the rum is powerful and the grass-green flavor of the Rum Agricole comes to the front, after which it is relieved by the Jamaican pepper and orange. The cocoa and the raisins remain until the end.
A beauty of a Rum from Antwerp.

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