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Brand in the spotlight: The Outlaw Rum Co.

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

What do you get if you combine the Caribbean passion for Rum distillation with the Scottish know-how of maturing? You get an Outlaw Rum!

The Outlaw Rum Company

Full disclosure before I start: I have tried other Rums that had a Whisky cask finish or Rums that were matured in Scotland on Whisky barrels, but they all had one thing in common: they all tried to be a Whisky instead of a Rum. At The Siren's Cove we like our Rum to be Rum. Pure, beautiful and full of unique flavors. So I must admit: I was a bit skeptical when The Outlaw Rum Co. reached out to me to try their line of Rums. With that out of our way: let's get started!

Their story

Jim and Pat, two friends, joined forces to create a Rum blend in the heart of the Whisky territory: Speyside. They wanted to create a Rum that was both unique and high quality. Two years later they grew to become a contender in the spirits market with a premium Rum that can rival other high end brands.

The story of the Rum starts in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago and ends across the seas in Speyside, Scotland.

They now offer quarterly bottlings of the flagship “Outlaw Rum” with Bi-annual bottlings of special release editions. You can read more about it on their website:

The Rum

As stated on their website: the Rum has it's origins in Trinidad and Tobago. Column still Rums from Trinidad are known for their smoothness and are the base of most high quality aged Rums around the world. The most important feature of these Rums is that they use their column stills to create a complexity that can match most pot still Rums. Trinidad is also known to have the highest offer of aged Rums in the world, so if you are in need of a high quality Rum blend, you know where to find it. If you're familiar with Rums from Trinidad and Tobago, you'll immediately recognize them in this Rum. So the basis is a complex Rum, aged to perfection in the Caribbean. Not a bad start if you ask me. The Angels got most of their share, now it's time to finish the job.

The know-how

Although I'm all about Rum, I do attend regular Whisky tastings, because well... keep your friends close and your enemies closer. If I can say one thing about Whisky, it's the fact that I admire the way Whisky producers are creative with their casks. Sherry, red wine, bourbon... they have to try all of them to get something truly unique in taste. If I've learned something during the Whisky tastings, it's the fact that Speyside is the heart of creativity when it comes to truly unique Whisky tastes. Now they can add Rum to that list too, thanks to The Outlaw Rum Co.

Based in Huntly they're well placed to get their hands on some of the best Whisky casks in the region and that obviously translates in a finish that's unique in taste. It creates some of the flavors you can find in some Speyside Whiskies, without losing the very basic taste of already great Trinidad Rum. That's skillful.

The line up

Flagship Blend

The Flagship Blend is matured on Speyside casks and it has some tricks up it's sleeve.

The Outlaw Rum Company: Flagship Blend

Bottle: Let's start with the obvious. This bottle is beautiful. No need to hide it, this one goes straight to the front of any bar.

Glass: Looking at the Rum in my glass, I was surprised to find out it's quite pale. That's not a disadvantage if you're familiar with Rum, because we all know that dark color is mostly added coloring, but for the uninitiated it might suggest low quality. Then again: this isn't the Rum for the uninitiated. Work your way up before trying this.

Nose: Another surprise. Fresh out of the bottle it's all citrus, but give it a while and you'll notice a realm of smells reaching your nose, even from a distance. Citrus, wood, molasses, vanilla and a bit of caramel. It's like summer in a bottle, straight from rainy Scotland.

Mouth: The freshness continues in the mouth. The first taste isn't strong as it sometimes is in other Rums. It's rather smooth and easy on the palette. The second taste is much more complex. You really get the taste you expect from an aged Rum: vanilla, baking spices and a very subtle sweet finish. The citrus is never far away, although it fades a bit as the Rum heats up. The aftertaste is a lingering wood taste with the notes of vanilla accompanying you till the very end.

Empty glass: Contrary to most Rums, this blend leaves a fresh zesty smell in the glass. It's a pleasure to smell.

Conclusion: This isn't the flavor I expected when I got to taste a Rum matured in Scotland, and I'm happy it isn't. This is taking already great Rum to another level. With it's fresh nose and taste it just screams green meadows in the summer.

Double Cask

The Double Cask is a limited edition that combines Speyside and Highland casks.

The Outlaw Rum Company: Double Cask

Bottle: Another beautiful bottle that deserves a place in the front line of any bar. As it's a limited edition, each bottle is numbered.

Glass: Again quite pale. It shows that there's nothing to hide. Super!

Nose: At first it's quite similar to the Flagship Blend , but give it some time. You'll immediately notice the Highland cask finish. Although I'm not a big fan of that specific smell that's quite close to a pine smell for me, I must admit that it's good company for the citrus. It's never overwhelming and the higher ABV accentuates both flavors, rather than masking one of them.

Mouth: Compared to the Flagship Blend, this one has more wood to it. it's very present and at times a bit overwhelming. It adds some authenticity to it, especially since there's some smokiness in it, but it's nearly to the point of crossing the Whisky line. That's a close call, The Outlaw Rum Co., don't you dare cross it. The aftertaste is one of loads of wood, combined with a hint of vanilla and some green apple.

Empty glass: The empty glass leaves notes of dried fruit and light smoke. Very pleasant.

Conclusion: This Rum is balancing on the thin line that is crossed by a lot of blenders. It shows the capabilities of The Outlaw Rum Co. when it comes to blending and finishing Rum, but where the Flagship Blend is more oriented to being a Rum with some Speyside magic, this Double Cask is adding some Whisky notes to the composition. It adds a bit of cloudiness to those summer meadows, but it never rains, so that's great.

Islay Limited Release

First some background for those unfamiliar with Islay (listen) Whisky : Islay is known for it's peated Whisky. Peat is a combustible material that is used to heat the malt and it gives a specific, smoky smell and taste to the malt. It translates to an equally smoky taste and smell in the glass, even after distilling. Peat was almost always used in the beginning of Whisky distilling, but it gradually got replaced by other methods of heating, like gas, thus eliminating the smokiness. On the Islay island this method is still used, and for good reason: their peat has a salinity that is rather unique. It adds an extra dimension to the taste. Now that that's explained: back to the Rum.

The Outlaw Rum Company: Islay Limited Release

Bottle: Have I mentioned the amazing design yet?

Glass: Again quite pale, and I love it.

Nose: I was expecting a peated smell, but just like the others, the first flavors reaching my nose where those of citrus. I don't get a lot of wood scents here. I guess the peat annihilates those notes for me. The peat smell starts to emerge after spending some time in the glass, but it never wins from the fruitiness. Impressive.

Mouth: I can't express how amazing this tastes. The peat gives out a slight hint of smoke and an amazing amount of saltiness. It's not the smooth Rum we know from the Flagship Blend. The roasted, oaky taste is probably an acquired taste, but it shows that an Islay cask finish can add a complexity while still respecting the Rum in it.

Empty glass: Smokiness and wood. No sweetness at all.

Conclusion: This is the Rum that makes you dream about far away voyages across the oceans. This is authenticity in a bottle. Forget the meadows, this is the busy harbor, the coal fired steam engines, the Navy setting sail to Trinidad. Other peated Rums don't compare to this one. This is quite the accomplishment.

Outlaw in Belgium?

I'm working things out to import these premium Rums in Belgium. I'm convinced that they are welcome addition to the market of high quality Spirits. Brexit is not making things easier, so please be patient. If you're interested in these Rums, please let me know in the comments or on my socials.

I want to thank The Outlaw Rum Co. for providing me these samples in such a short notice. I hope to welcome their products in my shop very soon.

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