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Brand in the spotlight: Bayou Rum

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

Bayou Rum is a Louisiana Spirits brand that still makes a line of 100% pot still Rums today. This English style, artisanal Rum is also one of the few Rums that has a 'terroir'. All of their molasses comes from the same estate.

Bayou has a product line that goes from a basic 'White', over 'Spiced' to an 'XO Mardi Gras' and even some 'Single Barrels'. All the Rums come from copper pot stills and most are aged in used 200 liter Bourbon barrels. These Rums are characterized by a sweet, soft and accessible taste. The matured versions are characterized by the presence of wood in the nose, mouth and aftertaste.

At The Siren's Cove we currently have these versions in our offer:

Bayou White

This white Rum is surprisingly tasteful for an unripened Rum. The craftsmanship of the blender is fully reflected in this version.

Bottle: Bayou is always delivered in a unique bottle that looks great in any bar. From the Louisiana State shape just below the neck, to the artistic inscriptions on the sides: these bottles are real eye-catchers. Nose: caramel, banana, and vanilla. Anyone who would blindly smell this Rum would almost believe that it has matured for years in a barrel. The lack of wood in the nose is the only thing that could reveal that this Rum has not been aged.

Mouth: on the palate, the sweet molasses is accentuated, giving way to a sweet, fruity and smooth taste of caramel. The Rum also remains pleasant and tasteful in the aftertaste. There is never a predominance of alcohol or a loss of taste at any time. This is one of the few white Rums that lends itself perfectly to an evening of 'sipping' Rum.

Glass: be sure to leave your empty glass our for a while. You will experience a pleasant sweet smell when the residues have evaporated.

Bayou Reserve

Bayou Reserve is the short-aged version of Bayou Rum. This Rum is matured according to the 'Solera' system in ex-bourbon barrels, which gives it, in addition to a beautiful color, also a greater complexity.

Bottle: This version also comes in a beautiful bottle, but this time the bottle is dark in color. On the label you can also find the batch and bottle number, along with the signature of the blender.

Nose: As with the White you get all kinds of sweet scents, but this time there is also a light scent of wood.

Mouth: in the mouth you immediately notice that this Rum has been matured in ex-bourbon barrels. The notes of wood, vanilla and even a touch of corn make an appearance and give this interpretation a much more complex character. The aftertaste is full and will leave you lingering for a long time.

Glass: your empty glass will have a sweet smell, but here too the woody esters will linger.

For its price range, this is a very high quality Rum that perfectly plays out its artisanal character.

Would you like to try one of these Rums? Which can! Every bottle in our offer can be tasted so that you are always sure of your purchase.

Bayou can also be tasted during our 'History in a Bottle' and 'Rule Britannia' tastings. You can book these via our website .

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