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Plantation Guyana 2008 Single Cask

Plantation Guyana 2008 Single Cask

Originally from the Diamond Distillery in Guyana, distilled from molasses, this unique creation is aged for 2 years in tropical Bourbon barrels and then 13 years in Ferrand barrels. The impressive features include volatiles at 125 g/hL AA and esters at 81 g/hL AA.

Nose: Complex, spicy, gourmand and spicy on chocolate, lime, cherry, caramel, cinnamon and berries followed by bitter almond, vanilla and licorice.

Taste: Tonic, oily and rich on woody and fruity notes of toffee, hazelnut, plum and gooseberry with hints of smoke.

Finish: Long, tasty and fresh, on cooked cherries, peanut butter, lemon and rich vanilla.

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    English style

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