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Naga Rum Java Reserve

Naga Rum Java Reserve

NAGA Java Reserve is a blend of two distillations: the first is a spirit of 65% alcohol by volume obtained by distillation in traditional Chinese stills. The other, at 92% alcohol by volume, is obtained by distillation in a column still.
First, a fermentation of molasses is initiated with fermented red rice in teak barrels, to up to 12% alcohol by volume.

52% of this "cane wine" is distilled in traditional Chinese stills to up to 30% alcohol by volume. It is then distilled a second time in the same stills, until it reaches 60-65%.

48% of the cane wine is distilled in a column that still reaches 92% alcohol by volume.

The rum obtained in this way is then aged for 3 years in teak barrels, before being transferred to American oak barrels (ex-bourbon barrels) for 4 years.


Due to the Chinese stills and the maturation in teak, the Rum gets a very specific smell and taste that can be described as spicy. The keys of teak are ubiquitous. This is a pleasant Rum that can be enjoyed both during a meal and during a quiet moment.

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