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Karukera L'intense Rhum Blanc Agricole

Karukera L'intense Rhum Blanc Agricole

Karukera rhum agricole comes exclusively from a single sugar cane variety, the "Canne Bleue". Canne Bleue takes its name from the abundant wax that gives it a bluish color. This variety was selected for its high sugar content and exceptional aromatic potential.

L'Intense is harvested at full maturity in June. The rich juice is extracted directly at the distillery to preserve its exceptional taste qualities and freshness. After extraction, L'Intense slowly matures over a period of nine months to provide connoisseurs with a high alcohol content that can also be tasted neat.

The eau-de-vie, with 78% alcohol, is set aside in a small stainless steel tank. This batch is then further refined through a progressive process of maturation and reduction. The rum is patiently and carefully stirred, aerated and slowly reduced by the addition of cold water, prolonging nature's work.

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    When you buy a bottle you will receive two Karukera Rum glasses from us.

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